3 Reasons Why You Should Be Guest Posting

3 Reasons You Should Guest BlogOver the past year or two, the Internet marketing community seems to has fallen in love with guest blogging. Most Internet marketers will advise that you guest blog so that you can build links to your blog, which should help you increase your organic search rankings.

But, what many people are missing out on is that guest blogging can lead to a lot of extra exposure for you and your blog. This exposure can naturally brand you as an expert and help you discover business opportunities.

So, let’s delve deeper into the actual benefits of guest blogging!

Build Those Backlinks

This is one of the biggest reasons why guest blogging and content marketing are the hot term online right now. The idea is that when you guest blog on a reputable website in your niche, you will get a link back to your website.

The key here is that you want to be receiving back links from more established websites than your own. One of the easiest ways to check this is with PageRank (PageRank is a trademark of Google).

PageRank is essentially an algorithm that factors in all the links to a site and the weight of those links. Based on some fairly complex math, your website is assigned a number between 0 and 10.

You’ll want to use a PR checking tool, such as PR Checker, to find the websites that will give you the juiciest backlinks.

Hint: Art of Blog has a PR of 5 and accepts guest blogs over topics covering information such as marketing, idea generation, SEO, general blogging, theme and plugin reviews, etc.

Become An Expert

When you guest blog, you should be putting your best content out in front of new audiences. Ideally your content should contain new ideas or techniques, be well written and entertaining to read, and look aesthetically pleasing.

Why, you ask? Well, first impressions matter. And bottom line, if you do a great job on a guest post, you end up looking like a badass! This naturally leads to branding yourself as an expert in the field.

But, let’s take this a step further. Your author byline should ideally be customized for the audience you’re speaking too. For example, if I were to guest post at Problogger, my author byline would like include something about how I manage Art of Blog and the topics I cover.

If I were to blog for KISSmetrics, a marketing and analytics blog, I would likely discuss how I blog about generating ideas for content and using analytics to brainstorm great content.

The author byline is a piece of real estate that is largely underused by many bloggers. You should put a lot of work into your guest posts. Take advantage of this space!

Create Business Opportunities

You’ve likely heard that saying, “It’s who you know.” Well, that may be true, but I like to think of this saying more as, “It’s not who you know, but how you know them.”

The idea here is that when you guest post at reputable websites, you are establishing yourself as an expert (as mentioned in the last section).

This reputation that you are building for yourself can be leveraged to create new business opportunities, whether you provide a service or sell a product.

For example, Leonard Widrich from BufferApp.com had this to say when he guest posted on KISSmetrics:

The opportunity to write a guestpost for KISSmetrics was fantastic. The exposure of our name increased considerably. In fact, someone even approached us in a coffee shop saying: “Hey, aren’t you the Bufferguys? I saw your guestpost on KISSmetrics today, great job!”. Additionally there is of course the SEO and traffic aspect which helped us greatly to get the word out about Buffer and attract additional users.

The part I’d like to point out here is Leonard stated that he was able to “get the word out and attract additional users.” This same method can be used for your product or service!

What Do You Think?

Are you currently using guest blogging as part of your content marketing strategy? If not, do you plan on guest blogging in the future?

Don’t forget, that you can get started guest blogging on Art of Blog by checking out our guest posting page and submitting your idea!

Written by Eric Binnion

Eric Binnion is a computer science student at Midwestern State University. When Eric is not online, he is usually volunteering in his community or enjoying time with his family. You can find Eric on Twitter.



  • Sreejesh says:

    Guest posting is like meeting new neighbors(blogs) and their families(new audience), its best way to spread the reach and get attention from a new audience. Also yet another chance to know how your writing in appreciated based on comments you receive on other blogs. I’m going to start guest blogging soon.

  • samra says:

    Google is changing the way it takes guest posts? Isn’t it? Because it becoming huge industry by replacing link building services.

    • Eric Binnion says:

      Hi Samra,

      I have not read anything about Google devaluing guest posts yet. I understand your point about how people are pushing guest posting so much as a link building tactic. I think it is also important to consider that there are other benefits to guest posting besides just link building.

  • sam says:

    I think it is so great, I created guestauthor.org to help bloggers and publishers. The site lists over 500 blogs accepting guest posts. You can also list your blog.

  • Megan says:

    Great article Eric! I think when you are able to find guest bloggers who provide quality content and aren’t simply trying to obtain that extra link you can both benefit from the content. It’s weeding through the low-quality submissions that can start to make one question if it’s going to work for their own site. I haven’t started guest blogging yet but have been doing a lot of research; your article included in said research. Thanks for the great information here.

    • Eric Binnion says:

      Thanks for the comment Megan!

      You are definitely right that it’s a pain to deal with low quality guest post submissions. This is a large reason why we don’t publicize guest blogging as much on Art of Blog.

  • Jemma Taylor says:

    Hi Eric, thanks for the shout out – and great job on this post. I think you’re right on all three counts, but particularly on the relationship building aspect – that’s what gives guest posting its real juice! :)