3 Steps to Easily Create Beautiful Infographics

I recently read a post on Media Bistro that put in perspective just how important infographics can be for businesses trying to increase traffic:

“Infographics shared on Twitter get 832% more retweets and shares than images and articles”

After reading that, there should be a gigantic fire under your rear end to learn more about what infographics are and how you can implement them on your own website. Last week I wrote a post titled, “4 Creative Link Building Tactics“. In that post I quickly touched on Infographics.

Well today, I would like to expand on that post by recapping what an infographic is for new readers and then moving on to how to build an infographic.

What Is An Infographic?

Infographics are visual representations of data. The most basic infographics are usually just colorful images that include charts. Some of the more amazing infographics could possibly be categorized as art!

I find it rather hard to describe exactly what an infographic is though, so please allow me to show you a few interesting infographics that I was able to find on Flickr.

As you can see, you can create an infographic for anything form fairly complex information (such as HTML5’s features) to something simple (like creating a snowman).

What is HTML5

Michael Anderson's Resume

How to Make a Snowman

So, How Do You Build Your Own Infographic?

By all means, if you’re a designer, then choose your favorite program and create an amazing infographic. But, for those of us who aren’t the best designers, I recommend using one of three tools to cheaply and easily build your own infographic. Those tools are Infogr.am, Visual.ly, and Piktochart.

I’d like to walk you through how to create an infographic using Infogr.am.

1. Find a template that you like.

Choose your template

2. Add information/pictures/video to your infographic.

You can add new boxes to your infographic by clicking the buttons on the right.

Add your data

3. Click publish.

Publish your infographic

The Finished Result

What Do You Think?

I think Infogr.am is a pretty much perfect solution for small businesses without a design department to get started creating their own infographics. In just 10-15 minutes I was able to create the infographic above. Sure, it’s not perfect. But it’s not bad for the amount of time I put into it ;)

The only downside that I have been able to find with Infogr.am is that I don’t see an image export button. This means you will have to embed the photo into your website using an iframe.

What tools do you use to create infographics? What do you think of Infogr.am? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Written by Eric Binnion

Eric Binnion is a computer science student at Midwestern State University. When Eric is not online, he is usually volunteering in his community or enjoying time with his family. You can find Eric on Twitter.



  • Julian says:

    Thank you very much for this article, just got your newsletter and realized you have a wealth of posts here. I will definitely return as I just began a new job doing online marketing for a large non-profit here in Washington, DC. Thanks again for the links to the online infographic tools.

  • Arijit says:

    I have seen that many bloggers have started using infographic and was thinking how to learn it.This article has really helped me to get started.:)

  • Imran Hunzai says:

    Infogr.am is the best as far as I have tested. Let me check piktochart.