WordPress Rockstar Series #1

WordPress Rocktsar Beginner's Guide

Having several years of experience with WordPress, I forget sometimes just how hard it was to get started with WordPress. I was recently reminded by several people when they began to ask me what I consider very simple questions, such as: How do I install WordPress? What’s the difference between a post and a page? […]

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Why Personal Productivity is Bull**** and What Works

Why Personal Productivity is Bull

As bloggers, you are responsible for so much more than just creating great content. You are likely also responsible for negotiating advertising rates other sources of income, moderating comments, correcting guest posts, managing social media, and much more. With all of that work load, you have likely looked at some sort of way to increase […]

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Nobody Cares What You Say On Your Website. Here’s What to Do About It!

Why Nobody Cares What You Say

You’ve likely read all of the blog posts that tell you, “to be successful in blogging, you have to create amazing content.” So, you went ahead and poured your heart out into tons of great posts and videos but haven’t received any results. And now you’re probably wondering where it all went wrong. I’ll tell […]

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How Tech Savvy College Kids Are Ditching Their Resumes and Getting More Job Offers

Tech Savvy College Students

Today’s college students have tremendous resources at their disposal, and those with some tech smarts are going to be the most competitive, sought after students in their class. Tech savvy college students can now take advantage of tools such as blogging, personal pages, and portfolio tools to get prospective employers offering jobs to them. Students […]

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11 Painless Actions You Can Do Today to Set Your Blog Up for Killer Success

11 Painless Actions

Have you ever heard of analysis paralysis? Here’s my simple definition: Over planning so much, you actually get nothing done. The problem is that you can plan all you want, but unless you take action, none of it matters! To be successful in blogging, you have to continually focus on things that work, and stop spending valuable time on […]

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