BoostCTR Review: Can Copywritting Advertisements Really Be Outsourced?

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On June 6, 2010
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BoostCTR is a service that helps you boost your click-through rate on your paid advertisements by automatically split testing your ads, automatically removing poor performers, and putting your ad in a competition with ads written by expert copywriters. For $0, you can't go wrong to at least try this service out. A boost in CTR could lead to cheaper CPC.

Setting up a successful website can be a serious undertaking, especially if one plans to sell their own goods and/or services.  One of the most serious problems is actually surprisingly common: many people lack the skill to create excellent copy.  Worse, shorter copy tends to be harder to create and thus a rarer skill to possess in any significant degree.  BoostCTR has a solution: an entire network of copywriters that specialize in writing short 3-line advertisements.

What is the Big Deal About Short Advertisements?

The big deal about small advertisements is that those using the advertising space on Google or other search engines have a very finite amount of space to use, typically only three lines.  Conveying useful information and a call to action in that space is a very specialized skill.  Lacking that skill typically results in wasted advertising investment in more ways than one.  Obviously the initial investment is certainly not going to be that effective, but Google rewards higher click through rates with a lower cost per click.  Therefore, there are many reasons to desire highly effective advertisements.

The Catch

BoostCTR offers high-quality advertisement writers that specialize in short-copy.  The problem is that specialists and their desire to work are likely to be influenced by the economy.  This is due primarily to the fact that all of BoostCTR’s writers are freelancers that compete for rewards offered for each job; if the economy is doing well, chances are that most of these talented writers would be able to find lucrative work elsewhere.  Just how significant this will be is anyone’s guess, but it would seem likely that BoostCTR and/or customers could counteract this effect by making projects more attractive.  In short, these are the ups and downs of a free market system that serves up 3-line advertisements.

Two Texts Enter, One Text Leaves!

Boost CTR in action

A free market system for 3-line advertisements works in a very remarkable way, and it is quite effective.  Customers log in, provide their AdWords credentials, submit ad groups for competitions, and even assign bonuses.  Writers immediately decide which contests/competitions to enter, and begin working on upgraded advertisements that will be tested online.  This ensures that effective advertisements rise to the top and dethrone existing champions.  Judging advertisements by actually efficacy is a great idea, and it seems like such a simple plan that it is a wonder that this is not the industry standard practice.

Of course, big advertising agencies do employ such practices and that does bring up a good point.  Letting multiple examples of text fight it out in the wild to see which is most effective is a great way to remain competitive regardless of the size of the business.  It does not matter if one is selling seats at seminars or the latest doodad, the fact is that volume is good.  Paying a set fee for volume, such as hiring and advertising agency, may be yesterday’s paradigm thanks to a more free-market approach.  In short, BoostCTR puts smaller organizations on far more equal footing with organizations that spend millions of dollars to retain the services of highly skilled professionals.

BoostCTR is Cost Effective

On the subject of price, it is worth noting that BoostCTR has essentially changed the game.  By leveraging proven results against pay-for credits, it is possible to easily calculate when to expect a return on one’s investment.  The only kink in the logic appears to be that ROIs will typically be achieved quicker than the linear math would suggest do the volume discount on advertisements given to ads with higher click through rates.

That being said, it is time to discuss the cost of BoostCTR’s credits vary depending upon how many are purchased at any given time.  The cost per ad group ranges from $75 to $50, depending on how many credits one purchases at a time.  Credits are available in lots of one ($75 per group), three ($70 per group), five ($65 per group), and ten ($50 per group).  In the unlikely event that BoostCTR’s staff cannot top the best advertisements already in AdWords, then no fees will be assessed.  It is that simple.  The final word is that BoostCTR does what it says it can do, and that is certainly impressive.

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