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After all of the effort put into a site and building a name, it is time to protect that site and name.  There are countless ways to do that, but one of the best ways is to make sure that one is registered with the popular social media networking websites.  There are a few problems with this idea, namely the fact that there are hundreds of social networking sites and the fact that nobody can predict when the next Facebook or MySpace will emerge from out of nowhere.  Well, the last statement is not entirely true, as BrandGoLive has a team of experts that make it their business to track the progress of different social networks.

Why do they do this?  Funny you should ask…BrandGoLive has an interest in branding and social networks.  In fact, the intersection between those two would be where BrandGoLive has staked out an interesting place for themselves as their core offering is essentially a way to register brands across hundreds of social networks.  There are additional frills available as well, but before getting into those it would be worth noting one thing: at the time of this writing BrandGoLive is not offering customers basic way to check name availability across the hundreds of social networking sites.  This may be a temporary oversight, but it is worth noting based on the fact that this would be a really important feature to have.

Setting the Record Straight

Some of the top social networks

Some of the top social networks

Controlling what is said in the name of a brand can be challenge.  Even Apple Computers (Now just Apple) was disrupted and dismayed at the antics of the Fake Steve Jobs, and those were not nearly as malicious as some of the people on the Internet who have nothing better to do with their free time than malign websites, companies, brands, and/or people.  Allowing one of these people to secure a username on a social networking site that is identical to a well known name that the same brand uses on other sites could lead to utter calamity.  Trusting in the goodwill of the masses and jealous competitors is akin to the fox trusting the scorpion during that fateful river crossing.

In this sense, BrandGoLive offers an incredible service by allowing a single registration process to take care of the registration at multiple social networking websites.  No more confusion, no more possibilities for a brand name to be usurped, just protection.

Wait, There’s More

Anyone could sign up for countless social networking sites, but that would take a long time.  BrandGoLive knows this and offers additional services to help justify the costs of their services.  Before getting into those costs, it is worth taking a look at what one gets.  Anyone who has signed up for a social network probably knows a lot about the various profile options available to them, and just how similar those options are from one social networking site to the next.  BrandGoLive has also noticed this and has developed a service to establish a complete profile with a bio and picture whenever applicable.  This sets the stage for the website promotional services that BrandGoLive offers which essentially help promote a brand name.

The promotion of a brand name is done in conjunction with a system called LinkVantage, which uses well-designed links that are designed for easy assimilation by web search engines.  Search engine indexing services are also available to some plans, and will help ensure that links are not only effective, but get noticed.  Active Bookmarking is a key part of this process as is local optimization, which literally puts one on the map.  Allowing one to measure these results is Google Analytics, which BrandGoLive will set up as part of the package.  After all, anyone who spends even a penny on a venture wants to know how well their money is being spent and there are few measuring sticks in the industry that compete with Google’s data.

Some social networking sites allow for content to be submitted, and BrandGoLive will create a single, 100% unique article to help one’s profile gain some traction.  Who knows when additional traction on a social network will prove to be beneficial?

The Price to Pay for a Name

There are three pay-for plans and one free plan available at BrandGoLive.  The BandGoLive free plan only helps one sign up for 50 of the hundreds of social networks out on the market, which is valuable in and of itself.  Unfortunately, there is no free automated profile fill-in at these sites.  For that one would need to look into a Silver, Gold, or Platinum plan.  The Silver plan costs $97 for registration with the top 300+ websites and includes up to 50 profiles to promote a single website as well as a unique article and Google Analytics.  The $197 Gold plan increases the profiles to 125, which covers around a third of the top social networking sites, and allows one to promote 2 websites.  The Gold plan also includes search engine indexing, active bookmarking (only the top 5), and local optimization.  The Platinum plan costs $397, but creates profiles for virtually all social networking sites in order to promote up to 4 websites, and increases the active bookmarking figure to 10 as well as includes the aforementioned LinkVantage.

Finally, there is an additional service that costs $45 per month but will extend one’s coverage to an additional 25 social networks each and every month, complete with registration.  With no crystal ball to tell entrepreneurs when the next Twitter or Facebook will emerge, this service is easily worth its price for any serious venture.

Bottom Line

Is BrandGoLive worth it?  Almost certainly.  If one is looking to find a way to dominate the social networking scene or just keep others from marring their precious public image, then BrandGoLive is an invaluable tool.

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