Pippity Review: Building Opt-Ins: The Smart Way

Ok, so we all know that building your email list is one of the most important things that you should be doing as a marketer.

But you know as much as I do… That’s hard!

Especially with new visitors…

It’s happened to me… I stumble onto a site that I find amazing, read a few post, then move on because I was distracted by something else, or had a call to make or meetup with someone.

In the mean time, I’ve completely forgotten the name of the site that I had been on, and a few days later I’m going crazy looking for that post on Google.

Sometimes… I’ll find it… other times… it’s just gone. Forever!

I know that this is happening to my site…. because it happens to every site.

Pippity WordPress Sign-Up Form Plugin

So when I heard that pop-ups are still converting casual readers into subscribers, I just had to
try out a few of them. It worked… amazingly!

I had over a 10x jump in my sign-up form!

One thing that I hated, was the look of these pop-up forms. It made me feel like I have a yellow highlighter long form sales letter. I felt like the average first time visitor… wasn’t going to trust me with their email. Eventually, I got past that… but it was always in the back of my mind.

Another problem that these pop-up forms had, was the lack of data. I’m a big data person, so it was killing me that I couldn’t get any analytical information. I know that if I can measure it…

I can improve it.

But none of the pop-up from had any analytical information. I was pretty much just working in the dark… but I knew they where working… why stress about something that I couldn’t fix… right?

Well… over a year later is when I first heard of Pippity.

Pippity: No Yellow Highlighters Here

When I first saw the pop-ups, my jaw dropped. They looked amazing. I couldn’t believe that this was a WordPress Plugin. I really thought that someone had hired a programer to built this.

With Pippity Analytics A/B Testing Is Easy

Then I found out that you could do A/B testing… at that point I was completely sold. Already knowing that the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. So I was ready to jump right in.

The personal license seemed good to me, especially to test it. It was only $49 for 1 year and had unlimited support and updates.

Installation was a snap.

I just had to upload the zip file via WordPress, and click install.

Here’s where things got interesting. Pippity was filled with so many options… it did seem overwhelming at first.

That was just an illusion… I just went down and picked a theme, filled out my pop-up copy and then just pasted in my Aweber sign-up form.

Customizing Pippity Is Fast & Simple With It's Powerful Backend

It took me less than 4 minutes to make my first pop-up.

Here’s what I really loved… when I was finished with my first pop-up, I had the option of cloning it. So I did.

Then I tweak my copy, and used a different theme.

I was so ready to finally do my A/B testing!

The next day I saw that my first pop-up was doing better than the second one. So I made the second pop-up exactly as the first… but I changed it to pop-up when a reader would get to the very end of an article.

Data Hounds Rejoice

A few days later… now the second pop-up is converting better.

I couldn’t believe it…

This is everything that I wanted. I really feel like the Pippity team did their homework… and the crazy thing is that Pippity is new! Just imagine how much better it’s going to get.

Knowing that, I knew that I was a convert. I upgraded to the unlimited license.

Final Conclusion: Is Pippity Worth My Money

When I first saw that the unlimited website one year license was $164 I did think that it was a little steep. However, after my first week of using Pippity… it seems like a bargain. At the end of the day, I know that my most effective way to communicate with my audience has always been email.

Knowing that I can now effectively build my list up, on all my websites is priceless to me. I had already been doing a good job of it… I just knew that I could have been doing a better job.

Pippity proved it to me.


If you are serious about building your opt-in list… then don’t think about it. Go ahead and grab yourself a copy of Pippity. It’s becoming my favorite WordPress Plugin… and if you are going to use your opt-ins for email marketing then use AWeber.

Because it’s against the MailChimp Terms of Service to email any affiliate links. They’ll terminate your account… and block you from even getting your list.

Read more about it here:

MailChimp… Not For Affiliate Marketers

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Written by Wilson Davalos

I'm a New Media Veteran who has worked at some amazing tech start-ups in Silicon Alley. My career transitioned into photography, with thanks to Complex & Interview Magazine.



  • Daisy Peel says:

    As much as I’d like to like this plugin, the promised functionality just isn’t there. The advanced filters don’t really work, and there are several other issues that prevent it from working. The support guy seems nice, I got a personal response, but I’m afraid it still doesn’t work :(

    I’ll likely be looking for a refund soon.

  • I tool would really like to use this plugin. I bought it and it did not work, so they sent me another one and it did not work.

    So about a week ago I wrote them (10/20) and so far nothing.

    I wish so bad it had worked.


  • @Gary I had the same problem. Worked for about 24 hours and then stopped working. Had no response from Pippity.

  • Jon says:

    I use pop up domination for some sites. It’s a very popular and widely used pop up plugin that works very well. I haven’t tried Pippity (I may), but it sounds like from commenters there are issues.

  • John Wheal says:

    Thanks. I will try pippity. It sound like a similar price structure to gravity forms.

  • Antonella says:

    Although it seems great, there are various problems with it, particularly that the popups keep disappearing. We’ve had to recreate them again, losing hours of work.

    Like someone else said, the support is amiable although inconsistent. Dislike that there is no support forum where we can research issues all users have to look for solutions first.