Interview with Chris Pearson of DIYThemes

DIYThemes and Thesis

We recently sat down with the Master of Thesis Theme and owner of DIYThemes, Chris Pearson to discuss his goals and aspirations for 2010. In this video he talks about what we can expect from him as he touches on the subjects of Thesis, celebrity rant videos, and twitter. He also talks about where he sees the future of web publishing going along with specifics of DIYThemes.

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Now that you’ve got to see what Chris Pearson and DIYThemes are up to in 2010. We want to know what you are up to in 2010. These can be personal goals, life goals, blog goals, business goals, you name it.

Written by Nick Reese

Nick Reese is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes anyone can transform their business and life they they've got guts and hustle. He's also the co-founder of Broadband Now which aims to simplify the broadband shopping process.



  • Matt Langford says:

    Great video, Chris & Nick… Look forward to hearing more from both of ya!

  • JHS says:

    You guys are so young! :-)

    Seriously, it’s fun to hear Chris speak about his vision. He’s very talented (I’m a long-time Thesis user/fan), and I’m looking forward to the upgrades he is working on. Wish I had the luxury of going back to school to really learn CSS, PHP, etc.

  • Loren Nason says:

    Complete agree that all the effort put into “networking/socializing” on Twitter, Facebook, etc…. doesn’t do any justice for my own domain. None of the links point back to me/my domain.

    Almost what you saying/thinking is Posterous but in the opposite direction. Instead of using Posterous to push out to all my sites. Have my site run a Posterous kind of app that pushes out to all my sites twitter/facebook/flickr/etc.

    Can’t wait to see where Thesis goes. I’m not a hardcore dev, but thesis is my framework of choice.

    I also agree iwth trying to build something awesome and rely on a buy out. To hell with that and build an awesome product that makes money. Example Thesis!

    So if you’re going to LA, NYC, Vegas in that order I will guess you might already be in LA and then you’re on your way to NYC after that. Say hi to Garrons and Dustin. I can’t make this Inman connect. Wanted to hear your session.

    Thanks Nick for publishing the interview.

  • […] by admin on January 5, 2010 Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginHere is a video interview between Nick Reese and Chris Pearson. They discuss Thesis, DIY Themes, Twitter and other things to look forward to in 2010. You can watch the interview below and see the original post at ART OF BLOG. […]

  • Great interview guys. Can’t wait to see where Chris take Thesis!

    • Rodney Builder says:

      Just watched and agree with Scott. Great article. Thesis rocks and I respect Chris a great deal.

  • Gabe | says:

    Thesis is an awesome theme! Lots of flexibility, good support, and excellent backend. Can’t go wrong with that theme.

  • Ben Tortora says:

    Chris completely stole a project of mine that I am working on. I have been trying to figure out a way to emit everything via APIs and code to originate from my site rather than the network.

    I guess its a race against the clock.

    But I completely agree with the point being made. My content should be owned, originate and attached to my chosen website.

    • Nick Reese says:

      Chris completely stole a project of mine

      This is a pretty serious accusation. Anything to back it up?

  • Chad says:

    I don’t know what I like best about Thesis. Is is the flexibility? The functionality? The slick look? What’s not to like? :D

    It is really cool to see an interview with someone actually behind the scenes on such a major blogging tool. Keep up the good work! Hope to see more such interviews in the future!


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    […] talk about some of these insights and to share my thoughts heading into 2010. You can check out the original interview on Nick’s site, or you can click here to see my sweet new HD video setup on Pearsonified […]

  • Greg Gibson says:

    Great interview, and Chris is thinking the right way about the future of the web. I’m pretty new to Thesis and web-design in general, but love it for so many reasons… The structure, the options, and honestly I think the strongest asset has to be the community of people using the Thesis framework that allow each new person (myself included) to learn from the best. Amazing. Can’t wait for all the amazing things I know will be coming on the horizon…

  • Thanks for doing this. While it’s great to read what’s going on in an email or on the blogs, the video really brings it home. Excited to see 1.7, 2.0 and beyond!

  • Bryon Daily says:

    Great interview. I was actually debating over using Thesis or Headway. after hearing Chris discuss his long-term vision I’ve decided to support Thesis. The support factor is another reason. There is value that you get with great support that is just worth paying for!

  • Ramses says:

    As usual a very interesting video featuring Chris. Right into your (and my) face, I love that. I strongly believe in the power of the internet and with some popular personalities like Chris that very power is being used to bring us all into the right direction.

    Supernice btw: Serving the video at Youtube, since the original(?) file at is kinda wrecking my computer.

  • Ashfame says:

    I myself love Thesis and respect Chris for his work. And I would love to have a copy of thesis too. Is it still available for grabs?

  • Eddie Gear says:

    Interesting Interview, My main goal for the year is to learn to design minimalistic WP themes.

  • Eddie Gear says:

    PS: I’ve heard that this is the best framework available. Thesis ROCKS! They say…

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  • Jawad says:

    Great interview man. Chris is one of my ideal as for as blogging is concerned. I personally met him many time and my most recent blog Traffic Siphon is also following his suggestions.

    Thanks Man!

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  • is it hard to do that i have no experience can i use a theme on basic knowledge