Dreamhost Enters the Managed WordPress Arena

Just last week, Dreamhost announced their entry to the managed WordPress arena with Dreampress. And with Dreampress having no limits on page views and and only costing $19.95 per month while in beta, these are exciting times for WordPress users!

Dreamhost describes Dreampress as:

DreamPress is a highly optimized, extremely reliable managed WordPress service that comes pre-configured to stand up to higher traffic loads and serve up server-intensive themes and plugins.

This means it’s engineered for speed, advanced security, excellent reliability, and ease of use – all features that were created to make your lives easier!

While that sounds good, let’s break it down.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

If you purchase Dreampress during their beta release, you will get all of the following for just $19.95 per month:

  • Unlimited Page Views – At least during the beta release, Dreamhost has not put any clear restrictions on the usage of your Dreampress website. While this may change later, based on a post at Half-Elf, I would guess that Dreampress might eventually set tiers based on CPU and memory usage as opposed to page views.
  • Ability to Use any WordPress Theme or Plugin – Other managed WordPress hosts restrict plugins that can affect the performance of the websites they host. While this is meant to help speed up websites and ensure great service on these managed WordPress hosts, it has been a controversial decision at times.
  • Robot Assisted Migration – Dreamhost has created an easy migration tool to take the pain out of moving your website to Dreampress.
  • Built-In Caching Through Varnish – This is part of the technology that Facebook uses to serve billions of requests daily across the world and it is becoming the industry standard for caching WordPress websites. Rest assured that your website will run very snappy!
  • Separate MySQL and Web Servers – Dreampress will run your website off of two VPS servers. One will specifically be used for serving web content with varnish caching enabled. The other server will be used for all database requests. This is tech speak for your website will run fast!
  • And Other Goodies – Dreampress will also include an easy-to-use control panel and great support!

As of now, the $19.95 is priced per installation/domain. While you can use multisite on these installations, Mika Epstein of Dreamhost states that Dreampress currently does not have support for subdomains or mapped domains.
Dreampress from Dreamhost

Who is Dreampress For?

At $19.95 (during the beta release period), Dreampress may not be the best “starter” package. Dreampress is also not targeted at WordPress power users who are familiar with features that you’ll see in more established managed WordPress hosts (WP Engine), such as:

  • A Staging Area – for testing plugin and theme updates and uploads before making them live on site
  • Built-in CDN – for faster loading web pages by offloading static images and other files.
  • Website Hacking Protection – WP Engine will fix your website for free if it is ever hacked.

Bottom line, Dreampress is a good option for those that have outgrown shared hosting and aren’t ready to commit to $30-200+ for other managed WordPress hosting solutions.

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Written by Eric Binnion

Eric Binnion is a computer science student at Midwestern State University. When Eric is not online, he is usually volunteering in his community or enjoying time with his family. You can find Eric on Twitter.



  • Speaking as the Half-Elf ;) I can honestly say we don’t know if there will be tiers. We’re thinking about all of the options, and a great deal of this depends on how this gets REALLY used. We have guesses, we have ideas, and reality is never like them.

    • Eric Binnion says:

      Hey Mika,

      Thanks for clarifying. I’m looking forward to see how Dreampress shapes up!

  • This is the most useful Dreampress review I’ve read. Thank you! My main site has outgrown shared hosting, however not sure that it’s quite ready for WP Engine. I am going to try switching to Dreampress for a while since I’ve been with Dreamhost since 04 and will be keeping my other sites on the shared hosting plan.