WP Engine Review: 30% More Expensive, 400% Better?

If you’ve been involved in the WordPress community at all over the past year or so, you’ve undoubtedly at least heard of WP Engine. You might have even visited their website, seen that their cheapest hosting package is $30, then ran for the hills. Well, after using WP Engine for about 6 months, I’d like […]

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WP Engine Coupon Code

WP Engine Logo

If you are interested in seeing if WPEngine is right for you we’ve setup an exclusive offer for Art of Blog readers. If you’ve been around Art of Blog for any amount of time, you know we’re big fans of WPEngine as the premiere choice for small business WordPress hosting. We tried it for six […]

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WebSynthesis Hosting Review

Synthesis Screen Shot

First off, I highly recommend managed WordPress hosting for any WordPress website out there that is beginning to have issues with speed, security, scalability, or downtime. That being said, the three tops dogs in the managed WordPress hosting arena are WP Engine, Synthesis, and Page.ly. This review will cover just Synthesis, but if you would […]

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Page.ly Review – Is It Worth It?

Page.ly Screenshot

Page.ly is a managed WordPress host that first began in 2006, but relaunched in 2009. As a managed WordPress hosting solution, Page.ly is definitely a much better provider than shared hosting. What follows is my recommendation based on general information and my experience with Page.ly during the managed WordPress hosting speed test case study. What […]

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Managed WordPress Hosting: Speed Test Case Study

One of the benefits of going with managed WordPress hosting is that it’s supposed to be fast. To put that in perspective, a testimonial on Synthesis’ website from GeekBeat.tv says, “the site’s load time was reduced from 7.5 seconds to 1.4 seconds.” Holy batman! Now, we can all agree that having a fast website is […]

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Managed WordPress Hosting Compared – WP Engine, Synthesis, and Page.ly

Sure, you can take care of the speed, security, and scaling issues if you want. If you’re a technical person, you might enjoy reading about Nginx, PHP-FPM, load-balancing, Varnish, etc. But if you’re not, then you might want to look into Managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting is like putting together a Secretary, Einstein, and […]

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DreamHost Review: a Slice Simple WordPress Hosting Heaven

DreamHost (DreamHost.com) promises 100% uptime on their site, which is a very bold promise for a host to make but only underscores the company’s nearly legendary server farm and network infrastructure. For better or for worse, the company has opted for an in-house control panel, which might make installation and modification of features a little […]

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AN Host – Unusual Name and Package, But That Can Be a Good Thing

The entire concept of unlimited everything plans has taken the web by storm, but not all unlimited bandwidth/unlimited storage plans are truly as unlimited as they might seem.  This makes companies like AN Host interesting, as AN Host’s sole web hosting plan consists of a 625 GB storage/6250 GB of monthly bandwidth plan.  While providing […]

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VPS vs. Dedicated Hosting: Understand The Options

Chances are, VPS is the solution for you.   Affordable & Reliable Huge reliable company Low prices, good service 24/7 support & 30 day guarantee We recommend Bluehost VPS →     Green Hosting Windpowered hosting Great service and prices Reliable small company We recommend Green Geeks VPS →     Tech Savvy Hosting Complete control Great […]

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Host Gator Review: Eats Other Hosts for Breakfast

Hostgator (Hostgator.com) offers top tier shared web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers to meet the needs of different types of customers.  One of the better aspects of Hostgator is that customers can upgrade from one package to another without losing uptime and/or having to go through a backup/restore cycle.  Instead, the entire upgrade process is […]

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Bluehost Review: Best in Class Hosting

If you’re looking for reliable hosting, you’ve got to have Bluehost (www.bluehost.com) on your comparison list. After hosting more than 2 million websites and almost 15 years in business (that’s a long time) Bluehost offers reliable shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting at an affordable price with the backing of a reputable company. Here is an […]

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HostMonster Review: So Good, It’s Scary!

HostMonster (www.hostmonster.com) offers affordable shared hosting packages for those consumers and organizations that are not in need of the sheer power of a dedicated host or even a VPS solution.  HostMonster’s packages are not only affordable, they are packed with features, backed by an excellent support staff that is on call 24/7, and an ultra-reliable […]

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