Influence: How To Grow Your Microbrand Online

Influence: How To Grow Your Microbrand Online

Influence: How To Grow Your Microbrand Online

“In reality you need to worry about two things when you are building
a microbrand online. The first is converting first-time visitors
into repeat visitors. The second is finding more first-time visitors.”

That’s a quote from “How to Turn Traffic & Trust into Sales” by Nick Reese.

When you think about it… this boils down to the problem that all bloggers have had.

Regardless if you are selling a physical product, service or just have a point of view that you want to share with the world.

Think about it… even if you aren’t selling something. It feels great when
you make an honest connection with someone.

And it doesn’t matter that it’s a digital connection… you can still build
trust with someone who you have never met face to face.

In fact, I’ll say that building your online brand is much more important than
pure traffic numbers.

I would rather have a community of 1,000 loyal and strong supporters. Than 10,000
unengaged visitors.

How Do You Build This Loyal Community

If you want online influence, you are going to have to do something pretty
awesome… especially in today’s digital world. Everyone has a platform and they
sure aren’t shy of what they are putting out.

To be kind… most of it is just noise.

However, when you talk about something awesome, are passionate about it, and
start solving real problems. You’ll start attracting attention.

Do that long enough.. and your microbrand will see exponential growth.

The Snowball Effect

Just like a snowball, rolling down a snowy hillside. It took some momentum to
get the snowball started… but once it gets going, it just grows and grows.

The same thing happens online. Your actions just keeps feeding it’s self…
you’ll notice that a passionate few will start to share your content… your
organic search traffic will steadily increase.

And it all started because you were able to build that loyal community.

Your microbrand in a sense will become rock solid and pretty much unpiratedable
(is this even a word?!)

Transparency + Influence + Reach = A Growing Loyal Audience

Yeah someone can come along and steal some of your posts… but if you’ve done
your homework, your audience is just going to point it out to everyone. Also,
when “you” become the brand… it’s hard for someone to steal your personality.

Again once you’ve build this trust… you’ll be able to leverage your microbrands
reputation to grow your loyal following and convert fist time visitors into repeat

Be Sure To:

  • Write Guest Post
  • Become An Expert That Traditional Media Reaches Out To
  • Play An Active Role On Forums
  • Be Willing To Admit When Your Wrong, Publicly

Again, in a digital world. It’s easy to get lost among the crowd… but if you
actively work on becoming remarkable, solving problems, or looking at things
with a different point of view… long enough.

You’ll start to breakaway from the crowd… your products, services or point of
view will start growing a following, and if you do it right, and if you decide to
become transparent… you’ll become the brand!


I want to end this post with an invitation to get a FREE chapter from “Traffic & Trust”.

It’s actually an in-dept step-by-step lesson on Mutual Value. If you are looking
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Also use the comment section to continue our discussion… I’m really interested in
your experiences and thoughts on building your microbrand.

Written by Wilson Davalos

I'm a New Media Veteran who has worked at some amazing tech start-ups in Silicon Alley. My career transitioned into photography, with thanks to Complex & Interview Magazine.



  • I find it pretty hard to build a loyal community because I am not very visible in social media and even to my friends. I do accept that I am not also a good influencer. I’m still “studying” the art of being an “effective blogger”. I think this will bring back to the type of content I write and how useful it is to my readers.