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On August 31, 2010
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Pear analytics is a very powerful piece of software that can help you rank higher in search engines. This service actually comes with page optimizations, hand-built links, and articles.

Ever wonder why after all the hard work put into a website that it does not rank higher on Google’s SEO algorithms?  So do countless other people and that is why services like Pear Analytics are so valuable: they help unravel the mysteries of search engines and help content writers learn to write content that will rank much higher.  Is Pear Analytics the best solution, this review will hopefully help reader decide that for yourself, because each website and content writer is different and thus it is not really for any one reviewer to pass judgment.

Beware the SEO Trap

Pear Analytics offers what they call site juice, and part of site juice is the fact the ability to look at texts and make recommendation on how they could be improved from the point of view of a search engine.  This does not mean that services such as Pear Analytics should be followed blindly.  In fact, writing content explicitly for SEO purposes at the expense of actual readability is a terrible idea.  Nobody will return to a site that features poorly written content, even if that content does happen to rank fairly high.  That being said, this is really the only major problem that our reviewers could find with Pear Analytics, and it is easy enough to avoid.

SEO Voodoo

The problem with SEO is that it is so incredibly complex as to be a nearly mystical trait for some people.  The sheer number of variables and possibilities are mind-boggling, and that is where Pear Analytics comes in.  Pear Analytics looks at dozens of different things that search engines look at, and will report back on what needs improvements and what is already working well.  Sometimes the problems are simple, such as the lack of meta descriptions and/or meta keywords, while other things might be more obscure such as the absence of a robots.txt file.  Don’t know what a robots.txt file is or why it is important?  Pear Analytics does, and so do search engines.

The choices really are quite simple: one could continue doing what they are doing, and stay more or less where they are while others leap-frog them by availing themselves of SEO-improving services such as Pear Analytics.  Alternatively, one could become steeped in the mystic ways of the ever-changing rules of SEO.  This can not only be time consuming, but it can also be very confusing as SEO rules are literally evolving and changing 24/7.  Some useful piece of advice written today may be far less relevant tomorrow, and anything written last week might as well have been written in the late 1990s.

Pear Analytics is constantly updated with up-to-the-second updates, and they have a team that lives, eats, breathes, and (allegedly) sleeps SEO.  This means that the biggest decision is really whether or not to waste time with SEO or to start ranking higher immediately or let the competition gain another edge.


Pear Analytics offers great reports and advice that can help sites start scoring better immediately.  Additionally, useful tools such as the Bing, Google, and Yahoo! keywords ranking information help one see which keywords are working well, which keywords need to be replaced, and how the competition is doing with similar keywords.  Hidden issues may be holding one back just as much as a slightly different phrasing.

All of the graphic indicators and actual graphs are well executed and color coded, which makes finding trouble spots and turning them around easy.  Ultimately it is the graphs that make the act of tracking campaign progress seem more ‘real’ and less intangible than simply looking at a bunch of raw numbers.  Reports can even be automated, which makes periodic reporting a lot easier for many in the proverbial office trenches.

Pear Analytics Does Mobile!

Everyone seems to be connected via mobile devices these days, and Pear Analytics offers their services to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch owners that have internet connectivity via free app.  Of course, the service fees still apply, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a free app that helps one know what is working well and what needs to be fixed.

Decisions, Decisions

Pear Analytics offers three plans:  Standard, Plus, and Pro. The standard plan costs $65o per month and includes 4 original articles, 2 page optimizations, 5 hand-built links, and more. The plus plan costs $1,125 per month and includes 8 original articles, 3 page optimizations, and 10 hand-built links. The pro plan costs $1,800 per month and includes 10 original articles, 4 page optimizations, and 12 hand-built links. As you can see Pear Analytics is not cheap, but if you are struggling with SEO, and your company can afford it, Pear Analytics is a great service. Top brands such as Rackspace, Grasshopper, and have used Pear Analytics services.

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  • Lisa says:

    I did not know about Pear Analytics. It actually offers a very interesting analysis of websites and can be very useful. Just like anything else that has to do with Google SEO, I would not follow every single suggestion because then you really are compromising the content and readability of your site.

  • Sounds like a pretty inexpensive way to get a second opinion. Most SEO services are so much more expensive.