WP Engine Review: 30% More Expensive, 400% Better?

If you’ve been involved in the WordPress community at all over the past year or so, you’ve undoubtedly at least heard of WP Engine. You might have even visited their website, seen that their cheapest hosting package is $30, then ran for the hills. Well, after using WP Engine for about 6 months, I’d like […]

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Dreamhost Enters the Managed WordPress Arena

Dreampress from Dreamhost

Just last week, Dreamhost announced their entry to the managed WordPress arena with Dreampress. And with Dreampress having no limits on page views and and only costing $19.95 per month while in beta, these are exciting times for WordPress users! Dreamhost describes Dreampress as: DreamPress is a highly optimized, extremely reliable managed WordPress service that […]

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MaxCDN Review

MaxCDN Review

CDNs are a powerful tool for bloggers because they speed up your website and reduce the strain on your server by storing static files (Images, CSS, and JS) across servers worldwide. MaxCDN happens to be one of the largest and most popular CDNs out there. And although MaxCDN is very affordable, I understand that parting […]

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Headway 3.4 Review

Headway Logo

Our last review of the Headway Theme was written some time ago with version 2.x. With new improvements that have been released in version 3.4, it’s about time Headway receives an updated review. There are several features in Headway 3.4 that I’d like to cover: Grid Editor, Design Editor, Responsiveness, and Blocks. For this review, […]

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The Email Marketing Services Showdown – 66% Off

MadMimi Email Creator

If you are a serious blogger, then you understand the importance of building an audience. You can get repeat visitors by writing great content, but the best way to grow and keep an audience is by using email. At Art of Blog, we believe that the best way to grow and maintain an email list […]

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PhotoDropper Premium Review

Photodropper Insert Image

Images are an extremely important part of successfully running a website. To illustrate just how powerful infographics are, please reference the statistics below from an infographic done by MDG¬†advertising. Below are some statistics taken from that infographic: Articles containing relevant images have 94% more pageviews on average than articles without. 60% of consumers admit that […]

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GetResponse Review

GetResponse Time Travel

From the time I got into Internet marketing and blogging, I have always heard that your (email) list is the most important thing in your business. But until the past year or so, I’d never put much stock into paying for an email service. That is until I read that, “Email newsletters are the best […]

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Arvixe Hosting Review – Not Just Another Web Host

Hosting companies routinely email Art of Blog asking us to review them. Because we’ve made a commitment to only recommend the best to our readers, we usually end up turning down most hosting companies. But, after looking into Arvixe, I was pretty impressed. On the surface, Arvixe is just like other hosting providers out there. […]

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Premium WordPress Theme Showdown

Standard Layout Options

While there is no shortage of amazing free themes in the WordPress marketplace, a good premium theme can be well worth the cost to buy and the effort to learn. With the cost of premium themes, it’s hard to test each and every theme to find which one is right for you. That’s why I’ve […]

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First Impressions of Thesis 2.0

Thesis 2 Skin Editor

Yesterday was like Christmas for many in the WordPress community. October 1st marked the release of Thesis 2.0, an update that has been several years in the making. Like most of you, I refreshed the DIYthemes so often that I thought it might go down! After waiting most of the day for Thesis 2.0, I […]

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WordPress Slider Plugin: Slide Deck Review

Slide Deck Featured

Check out any top media website on the internet today and you’ll likely see a slider somewhere on their website. For example, you may check out Yahoo or AOL. If you’re rocking a WordPress website, then there are dozens of options out there for you to implement a slider on your website, but these solutions […]

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Standard Theme Review

Standard Theme Screenshot

You likely know that the love I have for Thesis and Genesis runs deep. Both of these themes are extremely flexible and allow you to quickly create amazing websites. But lately, I’ve been playing with the Standard theme on my personal website, and I am quickly falling in love with it. Standard does not try […]

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