WebSynthesis Hosting Review

Synthesis Screen Shot

First off, I highly recommend managed WordPress hosting for any WordPress website out there that is beginning to have issues with speed, security, scalability, or downtime. That being said, the three tops dogs in the managed WordPress hosting arena are WP Engine, Synthesis, and Page.ly. This review will cover just Synthesis, but if you would […]

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Page.ly Review – Is It Worth It?

Page.ly Screenshot

Page.ly is a managed WordPress host that first began in 2006, but relaunched in 2009. As a managed WordPress hosting solution, Page.ly is definitely a much better provider than shared hosting. What follows is my recommendation based on general information and my experience with Page.ly during the managed WordPress hosting speed test case study. What […]

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Pippity Review: Building Opt-Ins: The Smart Way

pop-up book

Ok, so we all know that building your email list is one of the most important things that you should be doing as a marketer. But you know as much as I do… That’s hard! Especially with new visitors… It’s happened to me… I stumble onto a site that I find amazing, read a few post, then […]

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MailChimp… Not For Affiliate Marketers

Chimp Behind Bars

Art of Blog has been a MailChimp supporter for sometime now. Checkout our MailChimp Review: Easy Email Marketing MailChimp is an excellent platform to manage your Newsletters. In fact some of the largest online brands use and trust MailChimp everyday. But a serious problem comes up if you are an affiliate marketer who uses MailChimp. For […]

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Genesis WordPressTheme Framework Review: Gorgeous, Flexible, and Insanely Powerful


Genesis is a beautifully designed WordPress Theme Framework. It’s sure to grab your readers attention… and not let go of it. If you are looking for that competitive advantage… Genesis will deliver. With such an eye catching layouts, it really does a great job of presenting your site very professionally. It’s Just About What’s on […]

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Aweber Review: The Best Email Management System?


That’s what I hope to answer. Let’s jump right into price. Aweber starts at $19 a month, up to 500 subscribers. That’s not bad, at all. I do have to say that they have a solid customer service team that you can actually reach by phone. It’s sad to say… but that’s becoming a rarity […]

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Thesis 2.0 WordPress Theme Review


Chris Pearson launched the Thesis WordPress Theme just a few years ago. It took traction… pretty much right from the start. Thesis already has the pedigree that other WordPress Themes don’t have. Top sites and bloggers like the Domino Project, Tony Hsieh and Matt Cutts use Thesis as their Premium WordPress Theme of choice. As we all know… building a […]

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Traffic and Trust: The Beginner Affiliate Marketing Guide

Traffic and Trust

If you’re ready to take affiliate emarketing seriously, you must check out Traffic and Trust. I partnered up with the New York Times beset-selling author Chris Brogan and created this awesome resource for you. This isn’t just another beginners affiliate guide either. In this 74 page resource, you’ll learn: How to identify potential market opportunities […]

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Pear Analytics Review: One Delicious Fruit

Pears are delicious

Ever wonder why after all the hard work put into a website that it does not rank higher on Google’s SEO algorithms?  So do countless other people and that is why services like Pear Analytics are so valuable: they help unravel the mysteries of search engines and help content writers learn to write content that […]

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Skimlinks Review: Want to Really Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing?


There are countless ways to monetize any site, and some methods are more effective than others depending upon the visitors themselves.  In fact, the visitors are certainly the key to the problem, but that alone is not enough to monetize a site.  Even a fan-site with tons of great content is essentially a loss for […]

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CrowdSPRING Offers a World of Artists at Great Prices

lots of eyes

Stick to your core competency and find others to handle those things that you know you are not good at.  This is a strong piece of advice and something that most businesses have to be forcibly reminded of from time to time, even large multi-national companies.  Most bloggers know their core competency well, but does […]

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DNS Made Easy Keeps DNS Simple

A map of websites on the Internet

If an online business becomes so successful there might be a few, shall we say…unfortunate occurrences that sadly likely to happen.  The first is that of a server overload, which happens whenever one’s web hosting plan is not sufficient to meet the demand of visitors.  The second is that markets going un- or under-served for […]

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