Scribe SEO Review: Plugin Your Way to Better SEO

an old inkwell

If you have been looking for a way to keep up with the latest SEO best practices, then you almost certainly need to take a look into a great WordPress plug-in known as Scribe SEO.  Is Scribe SEO right for you and your needs?  Well, that really depends on what those needs are.  In order […]

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Gravity Forms Review: Gravity Forms Offers Attractive Forms

A Galaxy but not a form

While there is little doubt that WordPress is a very amazing piece of software, there is a problem that many will eventually run into: creating forms.  Forms may seem a little outdated in a world where responses are delivered nearly instantly via e-mails, Skype calls, Tweets, and SMS messages, but there are still plenty of […]

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SEO Moz Review: A Serious Tool for Serious People

Google logo from their Kirkland campus

SEO Moz has a wide range of tools that the company claims will help make any site far more effective at ranking.  The company sites major A-list companies that use their services, such as Microsoft, Yelp, Disney, eBay, and Marriott, though it would seem unlikely that these major corporations use anything but custom-solutions.  Still, there […]

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BoostCTR Review: Can Copywritting Advertisements Really Be Outsourced?

Olivetti Lettera 22 Typewriter

Setting up a successful website can be a serious undertaking, especially if one plans to sell their own goods and/or services.  One of the most serious problems is actually surprisingly common: many people lack the skill to create excellent copy.  Worse, shorter copy tends to be harder to create and thus a rarer skill to […]

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Backpack Review: Leave Home Without It..That’s the Point

Backpack and Keys

Many websites are, or eventually become, collaborative efforts.  The greatest sites are often the combination of works provided by several talented individuals, and keeping those individuals producing great content or doing whatever it is that they do does require more than a modicum of organization.  So, it is time to look deep inside and ask […]

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Mozy Review: A Stellar Online Backup Service

IBM 360

Web designers of all kinds keep tons of content on their hard drives and only realize the error of their ways after it is too late and a serious hardware failure wipes everything out.  Unfortunately, this would be the worst possible moment to mention that 99.9% uptime guarantees by hosts still leave room for roughly […]

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BrandGoLive Review: Is Your Brand Protected

Lots of logos in Times Square

After all of the effort put into a site and building a name, it is time to protect that site and name.  There are countless ways to do that, but one of the best ways is to make sure that one is registered with the popular social media networking websites.  There are a few problems […]

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MailChimp Review: Easy Email Marketing

One happy chimp

Once a website is up and running, it is time to start driving traffic towards it.  This can be done in a number of ways, but e-mailing campaigns are tried and true.  The only question most people have is: how do they start an e-mailing campaign?  Well, there are many ways in which one can […]

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Raven SEO Tools Review: Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of Most


Starting and running a blog can be simple affair until you start trying to compete with the “big boys” on competitive keywords.  Whenever this stage is reached the number of tools required to give you a competitive advantage can increase dramatically.  Luckily, there are a handful of nearly complete solutions that can handle the tasks […]

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Shopify Review: The Easy Way to Get a Great E-Store Running in No Time


Starting an online store can be a very serious undertaking, especially if one is absolutely adamant about maintaining even a modest amount of aesthetic control over the store.  Some people visit their local bookstore or log on to and start buying guides in PHP with the intent of building a store from scratch, and […]

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iDevAffiliate Review: A Good Way to Start an Affiliate Program


So many promotional strategies rely on affiliate marketing for a good deal of their efficacy, and the whole idea seems very easy on paper: plan a campaign, get affiliates on-board, pay them for their results, and everyone makes a lot of money. Unfortunately, the actual mechanics of the situation are often far more complex than […]

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Keyword Discovery Review: Discover A Whole New World of Keywords


Like it or not, keywords and phrases are what searches are all about, and they guide traffic to websites and away from others.  While content is king, it would certainly be a shame for a great article or series of articles to go completely unviewed simply because the keyword or keywords were not optimal.  This […]

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