Wordtracker Review: A Good Looking Guide to the Keyword Search Jungle


Here’s the problem that a lot of bloggers and businesses run into when posting content: the writer(s) put together articles based on keywords and phrases that they think are going to be a massive hit based on their product and/or service only to find out that almost nobody is searching for that particular keyword/phrase.  What […]

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Wordze Review : Use The Right Wordze for the Job


Knowing what phrases and keywords people are using in their search queries is absolutely vital to planning a new writing and/or marketing campaign.  After all, who would write content that nobody is going to read because the average searcher will not be able to find the content easily based on their own existing searches.  This […]

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KnowEm Review: How Much is Your Username Worth?


Some people are very particular about their brand identity, especially online.  Given how much money and effort goes into building a business, that does not seem at all unreasonable.  After all, one of the most popular kinds of identity theft is that which involves using a company name or well-known representative’s name on a forum […]

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