SEO Moz Review: A Serious Tool for Serious People

SEO Moz has a wide range of tools that the company claims will help make any site far more effective at ranking.  The company sites major A-list companies that use their services, such as Microsoft, Yelp, Disney, eBay, and Marriott, though it would seem unlikely that these major corporations use anything but custom-solutions.  Still, there may be a lot of prosumer-oriented value derived from the knowledge that these major companies demand.  In fact, our experience with SEO Moz almost certainly would seem to back that impression up.

The UI is a Mixed Bag

Before proceeding any further, it is worth mentioning that SEO Moz presents an incredible amount of very useful data in most of its tools.  This data is often presented in windows that are well-organized, but the end result is a UI that can be described as both functional and potentially overwhelming.  While anyone who is familiar with keyword research, tracking, monitoring competition and link building, and SEO reporting will probably feel right at home, there is a modest learning curve for new users.

The simple fact is that SEO Moz offers so many tools that it will take a while to learn them all effectively.  On the plus side, most of the tools are easy to start using but complex enough to perform tasks that might take plenty of time to master.

So Many Tools

While the sheer number of tools included in the suite may be a double-edged sword, the fact is that having all those tools in one interface is very effective.  Add to this the fact that these tools are all laid out in a no-nonsense fashion that often present a staggering amount of information at any given moment, and it is hard not to appreciate what SEO Moz has to offer.  In fact, the PRO packages include tools that can handle planning, execution, tracking, and reporting on a website/project.

Google logo from their Kirkland campus

Some of the tools are very unique, such as a Keyword Difficulty tool that estimates how difficult cracking a particular keyword/combination might prove to be.  Other tools are more common, such as tools that manage keyword tracking, monitoring of competitors, and even the evaluation of sites.  The last is a very useful tool to have, especially if one finds that there are missing meta-tags or duplicate meta-tags on their site.  In fact, there are many different aspects of a site that can be evaluated by the various tools.  For example, are there pages that are now linking off-site and generating 404s?  Are there internal server errors on some pages?  All of these questions can be answered swiftly, and advice can also be given to solve these problems.

The ability to track and report on just about everything is easily the strong point of SEO Moz.  The windows are laid out in a fashion that allow viewers to easily understand the big picture as well as the minor details that comprise the big picture.  While the screens might be a touch on the utilitarian side, the reports are simply gorgeous.  The bevy of useful and customizable reports are likely to impress any boss or partner that wants to see snazzy reports to justify the expense related to promoting a site or even for SEO Moz itself.

How Much Will it Cost?

The bottom line is that SEO Moz is a very useful package and does a lot.  It might not be right for everyone, but those with serious business plans will need serious tools.  SEO Moz certianlky does not disappoint in this regard, and is digital proof of the idea that anything worth doing is worth doing correctly.  Of course, professional grade tools can be a little pricey but there are a trio of packages that range from reasonable to serious-business: PRO Basic, PRO Plus, and PRO Elite.  PRO Basic costs $79 per month and offers the ability to track up to 50 rankings, and create up to 20 Linkscape reports per month, while the $129/month PRO Plus offers 100 tracked rankings and 50 Linkscape reports.  The PRO Elite offers users the ability to track up to 300 rankings and 500 monthly Linkscape reports for $229.  Each of these prices might seem slightly high, but those who pre-pay for a year receive 2 additional months for free.  That translates into a savings of anywhere from $158 to $458.

Is the price too high?  It really depends on what one is looking for.  If one has a serious business with serious needs, then SEO Moz is a worthy purchase indeed.  If one is not really sure if an online business or online component to their business is the right move, then it might be worth taking a few moments to peruse the various tools available at SEO Moz’s website.

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Chad Weirick is a global traveler, ghostwriter, teacher, and father. His hobbies include reading, languages, mixed martial arts, photography, digital media, blogging, and spending time with his family.



  • Thomas Scott says:

    Great post!

    I’ve been looking at SEOMOZ for a while and have been using RavenTools. How do these two compare? Would you need both or do they do different things?

    • Nick Reese says:

      Thomas – I really like them both.
      I like the way Raventools handles rank tracking.
      I like some of the other tools SEOmoz offers such as Linkscape, but to be honest we rarely use our 20 credits.

      If I had to use one, it would be a tough decision. I really think Raven Tools is better for the average webmaster, I think SEOmoz is great for people who work in the SEO industry.

      If you are pimping your own sites, then go Raven Tools.

  • Thomas Scott says:

    Thanks, Nick

    I’ve been really happy with Raventools. I really like the look of SEOMOZ but RT has been great about adding features and their customer service is excellent. I’m more of a marketing and content producer and it really gives me an edge.

  • I tried SEO MOZ and found it to be inconsistent.

    I use for metrics… but I wish SEO MOZ was what it promised to be.