The Best Thesis Design Customizations & Thesis Skins

Thesis Design Customizations

Thesis Design Customizations

You can’t deny how popular Thesis has become. Without a doubt it’s one of the most popular WordPress Themes available.

And for good reason…

Not only is it insanely powerful, SEO friendly, and user friendly.

It’s completely flexible…

So if you need some design inspiration let’s take a look at the TopThesis Design Customizations.

This collection showcases sites from different types of businesses. It even includes a personal blog and a brick and mortar restaurant.

Some of the sites prefer a minimal design, while others feature heavy customization… yet they are all build using Thesis.

Awesome Thesis Design Customization


Not only does Chris Hardwick have one of the most insanely popular podcast on the interweb with Nerdist… his site is beautiful, it uses whitespace tastefully and adds just the right amount of color.


A photo equals a thousand words… I wonder what a website header equals?

In math, it equals tons. Matt runs a very successful food blog that puts all the emphasis on it’s content, while letting his creativity shine on the sites header.

Rob Maguire

Rob is a consultant who works with Artist. He’s customized Thesis to have a professional look and he then adds creative touches with his color scheme and typography.

Immersus Media

Immersus Media

Immersus Media

Immersus Media is a web and print design company that is using Thesis to perfectly balance playfulness, readability, professionalism and site usability.

MX Police

MX Police

MX Police

MX Police offers Military-Grade Email Spam Protection. As you see, Thesis does an amazing job with the heavy WordPress design customization.

PROOF Branding

Proof Branding

Proof Branding

Navigation, readability and a great use of color makes this site a winner. PROOF Branding does a great job with their website.

Ivy & Aster

Ivy & Aster

Ivy & Aster

Stunning… is what initially comes to mind when you visit Ivy & Aster. They specialize in dresses for Bridal and Social Events.

Rocket Shoes

Drew Hoolhorst follows the very successful formula of web-design. Great color scheme, easy to read fonts, and clear navigation structure. Drew is Winning!

The Kollection

The Kollection

The Kollection

For the music lover and t-shirt lover… comes The Kollection. It’s another winning combination of color, typography, easy navigation and whitespace.

Radius SF

Radius is a San Francisco restaurant that successfully uses a touch of San Francisco nostalgia in it’s web design. Overall an amazing job.

We’ve seen all types of sites taking advantage of Thesis. From service oriented businesses to personal blogs. As you can see with Thesis you can build awesome, unique and stunning sites.

But we don’t always have the funds to hire a professional designer… but don’t worry.

We got you covered, you can always buy a Thesis Skin. Then tweak it to your liking. So let’s now take a look at some of the best and most versatile Thesis Skins.

Thesis Skins That Make An Impact


Kickstarter Thesis Skin

Kickstarter Thesis Skin

Kickstarter makes it really simple to remove website clutter, and puts your content front and center.

You got to love how clean this Thesis skin is… it’s actually built with marketers in-mind. You’ll be able to create landing pages on the fly and maximize your opt-ins and boost conversions.

Line It Up

Line It Up Thesis Skin

Line It Up Thesis Skin

Here we have a pretty slick business Thesis skin, called Line It Up. You could easily use this skin for your service business, to showcase a product or for your design portfolio.


FeedPop Thesis Skin

FeedPop Thesis Skin

FeedPop just screams out heavy customization, it has such a unique and exciting layout. If you want your site to have some personality, and still be user friendly… FeedPop is for you.


Stage Thesis Skin

Stage Thesis Skin

This is a great looking Thesis Skin for those who are looking to have an online portfolio. You can easily feature your work with it’s feature photo slider. Designers will also love the photo grid template for organizing their work.

Thesis Magazine

Thesis Magazine Thesis Skin

Thesis Magazine Thesis Skin

Stunning, that’s immediately comes to mind when you visit a magazine site powered by Thesis Magazine. This Thesis Skin is easily to customize, you have 7 color options, 10 widget sections, a post slider and built-in ad space.

Marketers Delight

Marketers Delight Thesis Skin

Marketers Delight Thesis Skin

This Thesis Skin is made specifically for marketers. Notice how the email opt-in form is right on top. The color scheme is gorgeous, and it’s font collection is beautiful and easy to read. Easily, one of the best Thesis Skins.


As you see Thesis is very flexible, you only have your imagination limiting your websites possibilites.

And if you don’t have the knowhow or budget, you can always use one of the many Thesis Skins to customize the look and feel of your website. It also doesn’t matter if you are a service business, food blogger, photographer, organization of someone looking for a personal blog.

You’ll find a Thesis Skin that will fit your needs, and budget.

Let me know what you think? Do you know of any other sites that use Thesis… or do you have a favorite Thesis Skin that I didn’t include?

I’m a New Media Veteran who has worked at some amazing tech start-ups in Silicon Alley. My career transitioned into photography, with thanks to Complex & Interview Magazine.

Written by Wilson Davalos

I'm a New Media Veteran who has worked at some amazing tech start-ups in Silicon Alley. My career transitioned into photography, with thanks to Complex & Interview Magazine.



  • Alan says:

    Thanks so much for including Immersus Media on your list!

  • Thanks very much for including our (Proof’s) site in this list of great Thesis customizations. I’d add Art of Blog to the list – been a fan of your style and helpful tutorials for a while now. Keep it up!

  • Matt Hodder says:

    Glad to see a few of my Thesis skins on here.. Thanks! Check out my personal blog/website for some heavy customization as well- it’s probably the most work I’ve put into a Thesis site so far.

  • Mark says:

    Thanks for including my skin in this list guys. Keep up the good work here.

  • Great! Im inspired! We will be looking at changing over to thesis now! send us a message if you can help us make the change over!

  • Wordpress says:

    […] Here are some examples of what can be done with the Thesis theme. So you can start with the basic theme and get your site up and running and then go to a Thesis expert and have them ‘trick’ out your site for a reasonable price. You can find Thesis experts at eLance and various other service outlets. […]

  • David says:

    I’m currently on the hunt for a new thesis theme as I don’t want my websites to all have the same look, thank you for the share

  • I think I am going to have to go back and look at your of your guide. I thought thesis was just a template (like in Joomla etc). Now that I see that ‘skins’ exist I see that there is another level, below the level, below the level … thanks … I think.

    • Eric Binnion says:

      It’s definitely much more than a template. The backend allows you many options such as column order and widths and it speeds up my development time.

  • nichom says:

    I need a b2b theme for my business website

  • Beatriz says:

    Hi…ummm…Im not a coder. Nor do I pretend to be…but, I really need a design that will allow me to reach my objective:
    1. Brand
    2. Featured Articles
    3. Promote Investment opportunities that are hot off the plate
    4. Social media friendly … we have over 2000 friends so far.
    5. Even I can manage it…

    Please help! I need to launch … yesterday!

  • Madeira says:

    Thanks so much for the list, quite inspiring! We’re using the default theme, guess some work is on for this weekend! Obrigada!

  • Thanks for the list, I love thesis framwork a lot, i am also finding a thesis designer to design a skin for my blog.