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WordPress newbies and developers alike, agree that Thesis theme for WordPress is a game changer. Not only does Thesis offer beautiful typography and easy customization but it also touts the best “On-Page” SEO around. If you haven’t purchased Thesis make sure to check out our extensive review of Thesis. For those of you who have purchased Thesis theme we created this guide to help you run make the most of what Thesis has to offer you.

Getting Started:

The first thing we want to look at is how to Install Thesis on your WordPress website. Installation is quick and easy. This tutorial will run you through the specifics.

Installing and Optimizing Thesis Theme for WordPress

Design Inspiration:

Now that we have Thesis installed we need to figure out what we want our site to look like. Here is a list of 180+ Thesis Designs to help Inspire you :)

180+ Thesis Design Customizations You have to See to Believe

Customizing Thesis

While making a great looking website with Thesis is easy, taking your website to the next level will take a bit more knowledge and understanding of how Thesis works. These two tutorials break down how to customize thesis with ease. Once you get these basics the possibilities are endless.

Introduction to Custom CSS in Thesis

Thesis Hooks 101: An Introduction to Thesis Hooks

Beginner Customizations:

Now that you have the basics of how to use Thesis you will probably run into a few questions. This post is a resource that answers the questions that most people have when they are first getting started with Thesis. Basically look at this post as the “Thesis FAQ“.

10 Useful Answers to Common Thesis Questions

More Customization Tutorials

Once you have a basic understanding of how to use Custom CSS and Custom Thesis functions you can do just about anything with your site. Here is a list of our other Thesis tutorials to help you get started in customizing your theme to meet your unique needs.

The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Thesis Full-Width Framework

If you are creating a custom Thesis skin sometimes it really helps to visualize the HTML elements in the Full-Width Thesis Frame work. This tutorial really helps break down each piece of the full-width puzzle.

Add Slick Social Media Icons to Thesis

Blogging is great, but blogging in a vacuum can be boring. Help people spread your content across the web with ease. This tutorial will teach you add a sweet looking social media bar to your website.

Creating A Squeeze Page With Thesis – Part OnePart Two

Creating a Squeeze page is probably one of the most profitable things you can do on your website. These tutorials walk you through how to accomplish this task.

How To Set Up Numbered Page Navigation In Thesis

Numbered page navigation not only offers a huge bonus if you have a large site, but it also helps keep your readers on your site. Follow this tutorial to make accomplish numbered page navigation without a plugin.

Thesis Tutorial: Easily Add a Twitter Feed to Your Sidebar

Twitter is an integral part of the social web. This tutorial makes it easy to integrate it into your Thesis installation.

Customize Thesis: Add Flickr Sidebar Photos

Looking to integrate your photos from flickr to your website? This tutorial will walk you through how to accomplish this.

Customize Thesis: Creating Useful 404 Pages

The default thesis 404 page is great, but lets take it to the next level and make it useful.

Thesis Tutorial: 7 Quick Customizations to the Home Page Loop

This ADVANCED tutorial will teach you how to make some slick customizations to the Thesis Loop. Please note all of these can examples can really mess up your Thesis installation if you don’t know what you are doing.

Thesis Skins

If you aren’t interested in getting your hands dirty with customizing thesis, we have created a Thesis skin which will take your blog from zero to hero in no time.

Thesis Skin: A Bright Idea

Bonus Material

Interesting in learning more about Thesis? Make sure you check our these other great resources.

Extensive Thesis Theme Review

A must read if you are thinking of buying Thesis Theme

Interview with Chris Pearson discussing Thesis and Web Publishing

Chris Pearson rifts on is thoughts for the future of Thesis and web publishing.

Restoring Thesis Defaults

Sometimes you can really mess up your Thesis install. This will help you get it back to the default.

Written by Nick Reese

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