Getting Started Is Key

overwhelmed analysis paralysis

One of the most profound pieces of advice that I have read recently is: Empirically, it’s not just for other people that you need to start small. You need to for your own sake. Neither Bill Gates nor Mark Zuckerberg knew at first how big their companies were going to get. All they knew was […]

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How to Get Maximum Email Open and Click Rates

Email on fabric

At Art of Blog, we drive several hundred clicks per week back to our website from email. Email marketing is a very affordable and effective tool for driving traffic, if it’s done right… Different types of emails don’t get the same open rates: a “password reset” is a lot more opened than a “newsletter”. It […]

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Staying Alive: How to Survive as a Blogger in the Social Media Era

Facebook Screenshot

Social media came on the scene and quickly changed the way brands connect with the ever-connected, trendsetting consumer. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites have essentially become two-way channels that allow communications and content to be shared between brands and their target audiences. With each of these sites having massive audiences to call their own, […]

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How to Generate Post Ideas From Analytics

Analytics Post Ideas

One of the biggest issues I face with running several blogs is continually coming up with post ideas. There are several ways that you can come up with ideas for your blog, but one of my favorites is digging into the analytics for my websites. Why Analytics? Analytics are a powerful way to generate post […]

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Easy Social Media Gameplan for Bloggers

Prismatic Screenshot

If you’re anything like me, then you’d agree with me when I say that maintaing multiple social media accounts is a big pain in your rear end. With that being said, you can’t afford to ignore social media if you want to run a successful blog. While social media can be a good source of referral […]

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How to Use an Email Service to Deliver Products

Not too long ago, we made sure to begin asking our readers what their biggest struggles were. One question was: I want to deliver an ebook once people subscribe to my email list. What would be the best way to do this? After thinking for a few minutes about the issue, I figured that the […]

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Here are 4 Techniques that are Helping Me Increase Interaction on Art of Blog


When it comes to determining the success of a website, there are several metrics that come to mind. Some of these are: List Growth Increase in # of comments Traffic Growth When you begin to boil down how each of these metrics are affected, you realize that interaction plays a part in each. Keeping visitors […]

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The Secret to Blogging Success

Confused Image

Not too long ago, we asked our readers what their biggest struggles were in their online business. Many responded back with managing life and blogging.That’s why I wrote a post about managing blogging with a busy life. Many also wrote back that they didn’t know what to write about – That they didn’t know where […]

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How I Manage Blogging With a Busy Life

Whether you have an established blog or you are just getting started, you probably realize that blogging is anything but easy. Blogging is very demanding and will take time, patience, and tons of effort. With that said, I’ve had several people email me asking how I am able to manage a toddler, college, volunteering with […]

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WP Engine: Git and Free Swag

WP Engine Logo

This past Friday I took a trip down to San Antonio to celebrate my birthday. There was, of course, quite a bit of fun on that trip. My brother and I brought a couple of pretty girls down with us and we spent Saturday night at the Riverwalk. But, even with all of the typical […]

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How to Use Scribe SEO Like a Pro

Scribe SEO exploded onto the plugin scene several months ago. This new plugin allows you to evaluate and optimize your content for search engines. While the plugin is great for newbies it also has it’s uses for seasoned internet marketers. In this video I share how we use Scribe SEO as a check point for […]

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Domain Discussion

As an internet marketer you really need to understand the ins and outs of picking a domain name. A good friend of mine approached me asking for advice and I thought it would be a good idea to share what I have learned over the past 5 years. While the subject of domain names has […]

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