Understanding Keywords: Volume vs Intent

How much time do you spend thinking about keywords? In today’s exclusive video VIP Member Video we discuss basics of keyword volume and keyword intent. Both of these factors are vital to the profitability and success of your website.

Keyword Volume – How Many Searchers are There?

As mentioned in the video above, keyword volume is the amount of searches that are preformed on a target keyword. For a good guesstimate of overall traffic numbers check out the Google External Keyword Tool. When selecting keywords remember the higher volume keywords are often more competitive.

Keyword Intent – What are the Searchers Trying to Accomplish?

While the topic of keyword intent is pretty advanced and ventures into the realm of psychology it is vital to your success. I typically break searchers into two broad categories: The Surfer and the Buyer.

The Buyer – Visitor is looking to buy a product in the next 48 hours
The Surfer – Visitor is looking to kill time or wander aimlessly

Depending on how you plan on making money from your website you will want to match the keywords to your monetization strategy. In the video I break this down into two realms, those trying to sell a product and those making money via CPM advertising.

Targeting the Buyer

If you are selling a product, you most definitely want to target visitors who are looking to buy. If you are an affiliate marketer look at targeting keywords such as “[Product Name] Review” or “[Product Name] Comparison” or “Buy [Product Name].”

If you are selling your own product you definitely want to be target your product name.

Once the visitor arrives to your site from your targeted keyword you need to think about the easiest path to get them to buy.

Targeting the Surfer

As a quick overview traditional CPM advertisers pay for ever 1,000 times their ad is shown. As a webmaster you will want the visitor to stay on your site and click around because this is how you make the most money. If you are appealing to the surfer think about how you can increase the number of pages the visitor views on your site. The first few that come to mind for me include adding photo and simplifying your page navigation.

Closing – What keywords are you targeting?

While this video doesn’t discuss how difficult it can be to organically rank for different keywords hopefully you will take some time and think about what keywords you are targeting and how it matches your monetization strategy.

I’d love to hear about how you choose which keywords to target for your content.

Written by Nick Reese

Nick Reese is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes anyone can transform their business and life they they've got guts and hustle. He's also the co-founder of Broadband Now which aims to simplify the broadband shopping process.



  • shamsudeen says:

    thanks nick,actually i like going for the low competition keywords but with some good search volume monthly.this way i have more chances of been showed up in the search engine.you know there is only one spot at the top of ever search term in the search result.