VPS NET Review: A Very Worthy VPS Provider


This is an old post and Art of Blog no longer recommends VPS.net. Art of Blog now recommends Hostgator for VPS hosting and WP Engine for managed WordPress hosting. Both hosts have great customer support and service.


VPS NET (vps.net) is one of those few firms that has a name that states exactly what they do: sell Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans.  Being that VPS NET only does one thing, it is worth noting that they seem to do it very, very well.

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Unfortunately, it may take some time for businesses to monetize a site, and VPS solutions are innately more expensive than shared web hosting plans.  The result is a longer wait for a return on one’s investment, but there is also the other limit to consider: the lack of dedicated servers.  These two factors mean that VPS.NET is not the ideal host for everyone, but they are quite successful at the segment of the market that they target.  The secret to their success is their deployment of a high-tech amorphous cloud network that not only makes multiple internal redundant copies of websites that are being hosted on their network, but also allows for incredible scaling.  The result of this highly intelligent, next-generation layout are a variety of well-priced plans that offer incredible flexibility paired with nearly matchless reliability.

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The Power of the Cloud

To understand these benefits, it helps to take a second to understand just how a cloud hosting solution works, and why it is an ideal solution for VPS customers and providers.  A VPS cloud is a network of computers that work together to intelligently distribute the tasks related to hosting different VPS solutions.  In this case, VPS NET has a cloud that spans multiple facilities both inside the United States and in the United Kingdom.  The most obvious advantage of distributing computation resources and having an intelligent network capable of adapting to different loads and server availability is simple: there will be no outages if one of the VPS NET hosting centers were to suffer heavy traffic, catastrophic damage, or are in the process of an upgrade.  In short, having a cloud VPS hosting solution is one of the best ways to guarantee the maximum amount of uptime, and a nearly constant backup.  In fact, VPS NET offered R1Soft CDP server access for granular backups that can literally be up-to-the minute.  Unless a natural disaster or terrorist strike takes down London, Chicago, and Los Angeles at the same time, then chances are good that sites hosted on VPS NET’s cloud will be unaffected in any significant way.

A side benefit of having such a setup is that VPS NET is able to provide high performance VPS plans that can scale dynamically with incredible ease.  Cloud SAN (Storage Area Network) provide a high amount of storage for VPS NET’s 18 plans, ranging from 10 GB to 180 GB.  Of course, storage is nothing without bandwidth, and VPS NET’s 18 plans scale from a very reasonable 250 GB a month of bandwidth to a stunning 4500 GB of bandwidth.  On the low end, VPS NET’s hosting plans cost between $20 per month and $234 per month, with the ability to add extra ‘nodes’ for additional performance on a per-day basis.  The ability to add nodes for a daily price that is only marginally higher than the per diem on the monthly equivalent is very useful for sites that are seeing increased traffic, or plan to handle higher than normal traffic for brief periods of time.  Existing VPS plans can be upgraded with nothing more than a call to VPS NET, so long term upgrades are arguably just as easy as short term upgrades.

Resource This, Resource That…

Due to the way most VPS solutions allocate resources, it is possible to have the equivalent of as much as 7.2 GHz and 4608 MB of memory or as little as 400 MHz of CPU power and 256 MB of memory.  Obviously the CPU access is segmented, but there is no real indication of how threaded it is.  This means that those looking for high performance single threaded performance may or may not find VPS NET’s the best solution for their needs, but those who plan on hosting high-volumes of traffic and/or use fairly threaded software are likely to discover that VPS NET has hardware that is more than up to the task.  That includes the ability to run custom MySQL databases, which are easily accessed via the cPanel or Plesk software.  Having Plesk or cPanel options provides customers with the ability to host effectively unlimited sites, though the domains do need to be purchased.  Unfortunately pricing information is not available at this time, but most hosts offer very competitive domain name pricing, and it stands to reason that VPS NET would be similarly competitive given their target market.  It is worth noting that accounts can come with up to 20 domains, but again the details are somewhat sketchy and unfortunately sales may be slow to reply due to the holidays.

Buy What You Want, Change it When You Need More or Less!

When it comes to stability and flexibility, VPS NET is arguably one of the top names in the VPS hosting industry.  The old expression about wise people choosing to do one thing and do it well certainly sounds as if it could be the official motto of VPS NET, as their VPS solutions are certainly top notch in terms of quality.  Despite the high quality of VPS NET’s offerings, the prices are certainly quite reasonable, and it would be hard to find fault in any of their 18 plans either on a monthly or per diem basis.  Those looking for a fully managed VPS solution can pay a monthly fee of $99 and a $45 setup fee.

The absolute bottom line is that it is very difficult to find a better VPS solution than VPS NET.  Installation of WordPress and other software is a breeze with VPS NET, and a Google search for customer complaints failed to turn up any results.  Given how thorough Google’s search technology is, that in itself is incredibly impressive, but perhaps not unexpected given the underlying technology used by VPS NET.  If it is time to upgrade from a shared hosting solution, or if one just wants the raw power of a VPS plan at a reasonable price without sacrificing the ability to grow, give VPS.NET a try.

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Written by Nick Reese

Nick Reese is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes anyone can transform their business and life they they've got guts and hustle. He's also the co-founder of Broadband Now which aims to simplify the broadband shopping process.



  • Jarret says:

    I personally had a rather unfortunate experience with vps.net. Just this past week, I had 2 sites hosted on a VPS 4 account with Hostgator. Though I didn’t have problems with Hostgator, VPS.net looked like a great option since they appeared to have far lower costs for the amount of RAM/CPU.

    I migrated my sites over on Monday and what a level 4 vps from hostgator could handle caused crashing and server overload even with 8 nodes of vps.net. This even after they optimized my databases and everything.

    Note, 8 nodes of vps.net should have 3x the cpu resources and nearly 2.5 the ram of my previous vps4 account with hostgator. What I noticed is that Hostgator would still run even if I was at up to 10x the cpu resources while VPS.net would crash as soon as it went over 1x cpu.

    I found the support terrible after getting used to the immediate responses with hostgator chat. In contrast, I usually waited 4 hours to get a response. In many cases, they would say that everything should be fine when the disk updates or something and when I woke up 8 hours later, my sites were still down.

    In short, if you’re okay with 4 to 8 hours of downtime, paying for way more resources than you anticipated, waiting hours for tech support (and paying $10 per ticket), then vps.net is for you!

  • Alex says:

    VPS.net is the worst host I ever tried, every week my websites have downtime and it cost me a ton of money. I have no idea when any of the websites I host with them had a full week of uptime.
    Today they broke one of the vps and my website was down all day because they corrupted the database also.
    I started moving my websites from them and I wouldn’t advise anyone to host with them.

  • ACD says:

    I became aware of VPS.net through Yoast’s recommendation. Now, I’m with VPS.net and I’ve had 5 outages in the last two weeks. Each outage ranged from 3-5 hours. So, I migrated my server two days ago to VPS.net’s “most secure set of servers” and they’ve just had another outage this morning. Their support keeps telling me it’s something to do with the “hypervisors”. But, I don’t care what the issue is. Servers shouldn’t go down, and therefore VPS is a complete failure. Furthermore, when I migrated, they made the decision to cancel my discounted rate.

    So, site downtime + devs I had standing by that I was paying hourly + my time spent chasing down the issues + frustration + loathsome billing department arbitrarily charging me at a higher rate after they have failed to deliver the service they advertise = VPS.net

    It has been awful. I will spend every last second informing the world of VPS’s poor service and my opinion of Yoast ( http://yoast.com/ ) has been affected as well…

  • I have officially given up of VPS.net. Their customer service consists solely of telling you its not their fault. My sites have crashed several times, now they are running slowly (any other sites on the browser are fine – except mine).
    When I asked for an explanation their response was “is there anything else I can do for you”?
    That is customer service speak for “F you”.
    When I asked to move my account to a different server platform they told me the charge was $250! A lot for their error…
    So, I am moving to a vendor that hopefully gives a s**t.

  • Paco says:

    My site is hosted in vps.net and after I’ve had 2 outages in the past week. No notification or explanation on their end. I am now looking to switch.

  • I am also extremely disappointed with VPS.NET. Today, we’ve had our website down since 6:30 in the morning. It’s now 14:00 and their best estimate is that the repair service they are doing can take up to 36 hours. 36 hours of downtime!! Can you really call this a “serious company”??
    I’d seriously reconsider this review as it doesn’t really seem to resonate VPS.NET clients’ experiences. Not only their service is c**p, their support is appalling and leaves clients in the dark with their website down.
    Any suggestions of a decent vps provider that can offer decent uptime?

  • Bharat Bhushan says:

    In November 2011, I have taken an vps account of 6 nodes from vps.net for hosting for one of my Client’s website http://www.pravasitoday.com
    In 10 days I became fed up from their services, and I lost my 10 days uploaded data and $120 for one month hosting charges

    They deleted my website with full backup and said, it is an incident, please create your account again,
    When I asked for refund, they said that they do not refund money, they offerd to take another services of them, but I was so much unsatisfied and fed up with their services, that I left my money with them.

    Now finally I have taken http://www.hostgator.com dedicated hosting, its fine now.
    I have all correspondences with them (VPS.NET), if you will read you will scared of them,

    Beware If you are planning for vps.net than you may suffer like me, your database and website may be deleted with full backup and finally there is no refund policy.
    I will never recommend vps.net at any cost. Take on your risk….

    For more detail contact: manuinfosolutions@gmail.com
    Mob: +91-9868219371

  • Jason Judge says:

    Terrible, terrible, support and service. My experience is similar to others here: the resources we purchase are nothing like as described. A simple desktop gives us more power and fewer crashes than a 10-node VPS with these muppets.

    Support response is slow and usually misses the point. The server goes down for half an hour several times a week, and corrupts database tables just about every time it does.

    We are migrating away from this shambles, and although a painful task, is going to be SO worth it.

    — Jason

  • JJ says:

    Well – my experiences with Vps.net are rather terrible to say the least. Our downtime in some weeks was over 20%, we had continuous problems with server going into the read-only mode, to which support had no response. Or worse – they’re blaming us for everything, pointing-out some irrelevant errors and restarting server time and time again.
    It got beyond ridiculous and we resigned after few months, giving it every possible chance and benefit of the doubt