Why Switching Premium WordPress Themes is Plain Stupid

Why Switching Premium Themes is Stupid

Working with Art of Blog has allowed me the time and resources to work with the best premium WordPress themes on the market. The one thing that I have learned with almost all premium WordPress themes is that while they offer increased functionality, they’re also meant to lock you in. And while this is not […]

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Increase Conversions with a Slide Down Optin

Art of Blog Feature Box Screenshot

No matter what your reason for blogging and running a website, chances are that you want to increase the newsletter conversions for your website. We looked at Pippity, a premium pop-up plugin for WordPress, but it didn’t quite give us the functionality we wanted on Art of Blog. For Art of Blog, we wanted an […]

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How To Display An Old Post Message

Image by Peregrino Will Reign

Over the past several months i’ve noticed a common problem that websites and blogs have – Old, outdated content. It’s something that all of us are guilty of. Even on Art of Blog we have to make corrections to posts as WordPress is updated and products change. The question is how do you, as someone […]

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How To Use The Thesis Multimedia Box To Display Content Dynamically


If you use Thesis, you’ve heard of the Multimedia Box and you know what it does. Right after you installed Thesis, you saw those pictures at the top of the sidebar that display randomly every time you refresh the page. Chances are you probably disabled because you figured you didn’t need rotating images at the […]

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7 Top WordPress Real Estate Themes

WordPress Real Estate Themes

Just about every type of business that you can think of, has made it onto the internet. Today we are going to focus on real estate themes for WordPress. All of these real estate specific themes are very well designed and laid out beautifully. I think that the difference between these themes will come down […]

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Need Design Inspiration For Headway? We Got Them

Headway Design Customizations

So, you may or may not know, but Headway makes customizing a website in WordPress very, very simple. All of the website design customizations are done visually in Headway. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to pick your layout, colors, fonts and pretty much anything else that you want to OCD about. With so […]

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How To Build A Beautiful Website With Headway Themes

How To Build A Beautiful Website With Headway Themes

Do you ever land on a website that is so clean and professional looking that you presume you could never develop something so high class? If you scan the landscape of the web, it’s clear that most small businesses, churches and people you find online are convinced that they have no option but to settle […]

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The Best Thesis Design Customizations & Thesis Skins

Thesis Design Customizations

You can’t deny how popular Thesis has become. Without a doubt it’s one of the most popular WordPress Themes available. And for good reason… Not only is it insanely powerful, SEO friendly, and user friendly. It’s completely flexible… So if you need some design inspiration let’s take a look at the TopThesis Design Customizations. This […]

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Social Buttons Slowing You Down? Speed Load Times In Genesis

How to Load Social Media Buttons After Pageload in Genesis

It happens all of the time: the client wants the social networking share buttons not only on the individual posts but the sidebar and/or the blog index page, also. When that happens, the loop forces the social icons to load individually for each post, all the way down the page and the sidebar and anything […]

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How to Build a Genesis Child Theme

Building A Genesis Child Theme

If you’d like to customize an existing WordPress theme, especially a theme framework like Genesis, the recommended approach is to use a child theme. A child theme is a separate theme that stores all of your specific customizations. That way if the parent theme is ever updated, you don’t lose all your hard work. There’s […]

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Headway Review: Premium WordPress Theme, Is it Worth it?


**Update: There is an updated Headway theme review for version 3.4 Headway Theme Review: Easily Customize Your WordPress Site using a Visual Editor!. Written by Nick Reese on 8/29/2011. It’s really getting competitive in the Premium WordPress ThemesMarket.I’m actually happy about that… because it means that we… the consumer win. With fierce competition, developers have to offer […]

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Thesis 1.8 vs Genesis 1.3 – Detailed Comparison


Let’s be reasonable here. When it comes to WordPress frameworks there are only two real competitors: Thesis from DIY Themes and Genesis from StudioPress. Headway has made some nice strides and does offer a beginner-friendly interface, but its bulky and doesn’t match up to the efficiency or extensibility of Thesis or Genesis. There are several […]

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