Increase Conversions with a Slide Down Optin

Art of Blog Feature Box Screenshot

No matter what your reason for blogging and running a website, chances are that you want to increase the newsletter conversions for your website. We looked at Pippity, a premium pop-up plugin for WordPress, but it didn’t quite give us the functionality we wanted on Art of Blog. For Art of Blog, we wanted an […]

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How To Display An Old Post Message

Over the past several months i’ve noticed a common problem that websites and blogs have – Old, outdated content. It’s something that all of us are guilty of. Even on Art of Blog we have to make corrections to posts as WordPress is updated and products change. The question is how do you, as someone […]

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How To Use The Thesis Multimedia Box To Display Content Dynamically

If you use Thesis, you’ve heard of the Multimedia Box and you know what it does. Right after you installed Thesis, you saw those pictures at the top of the sidebar that display randomly every time you refresh the page. Chances are you probably disabled because you figured you didn’t need rotating images at the […]

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The Best Thesis Design Customizations & Thesis Skins

Thesis Design Customizations

You can’t deny how popular Thesis has become. Without a doubt it’s one of the most popular WordPress Themes available. And for good reason… Not only is it insanely powerful, SEO friendly, and user friendly. It’s completely flexible… So if you need some design inspiration let’s take a look at the TopThesis Design Customizations. This […]

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Thesis 1.8 vs Genesis 1.3 – Detailed Comparison

Let’s be reasonable here. When it comes to WordPress frameworks there are only two real competitors: Thesis from DIY Themes and Genesis from StudioPress. Headway has made some nice strides and does offer a beginner-friendly interface, but its bulky and doesn’t match up to the efficiency or extensibility of Thesis or Genesis. There are several […]

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Creating Date Based Design Elements In Thesis

Using date based conditional statements it is entirely possible to display different content before and after posts depending on the age of the post. This is a little-known technique that can really open up the possibilities in terms of having greater control over where your visitors go when they visit your blog. The Code Let’s […]

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Using Thesis Custom Body Classes To Break Down Design Barriers

Custom Body Class

The level of customization you can achieve using the Thesis theme is really only limited by your imagination. One of the best tools Thesis offers is the ability to add custom classes to the body tag on any page or group of pages. Whether you want different header images for different pages, dynamic site backgrounds, […]

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Art of Blog 4.0 – A Thesis Customization

Art of Blog has launched a brand new re-design built by Your’s Truly on Thesis, and packed with a plethora of new features including post summary boxes, custom category and author pages, popular posts with thumbnails, and a brand new homepage layout to highlight the latest featured content. The Evolution Before we get into the […]

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How To 301 Redirect Any Thesis Page

Thesis 1.7 has a sweet new post option that allows you to redirect any single post or page to any URL on the web. This is great for affiliate links along with a plethora of other uses. One problem. You can only redirect single posts and pages. What if want your archived (tag, author, date, […]

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Add A Tweet This Post Box To Your Thesis Post Footer

A couple posts back I wrote about creating a recent tweets section with Twitter’s new @Anywhere service. Now, let’s take it a step further and set up a “Tweet This Post” box. We’re going to be using Thesis, and we’re going to place the box at the bottom of each post on single posts. Twitter […]

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Top 25 Tutorials for Thesis Newbies

The Thesis Theme from DIY Themes is hands down the most versatile WordPress theme on the market. There’s really no arguing that point. However, it can be a bit of a daunting task for newbies to get started. There’s a ton of information out there. Let me point you in the right direction! I have […]

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The Ultimate Quickstart Guide to Thesis Theme

WordPress newbies and developers alike, agree that Thesis theme for WordPress is a game changer. Not only does Thesis offer beautiful typography and easy customization but it also touts the best “On-Page” SEO around. If you haven’t purchased Thesis make sure to check out our extensive review of Thesis. For those of you who have […]

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