The Anatomy of a Good Blog Post

Inspect Blog Post

One of the most difficult things about blogging is writing good content. Not only do you have to come up with ideas, but you also need to write in such a way that readers connect to your content. I often struggle with writing good content. That is why I have developed a basic framework for how […]

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Link Building: What Not To Do

Link Building: What Not To Do

Once you have WordPress installed and your WordPress theme uploaded, plug-ins working smoothly, you might realize that something is missing: Traffic!  You already built an amazing website, but the world does not know about it yet.  What now?  It is time to start building links, but building links is more difficult than it sounds. The […]

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Blogging Tips and Tricks: Creating Systems

Blogging Tips and Tricks

You probably started blogging because you wanted to create more time for yourself, and end the rat race. But now you seem to be using every available minute thinking and planning your next move. So how do you free yourself up? Well… by putting systems in place. Basically batching and automating as much as you […]

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Writer’s Block? Take Your Blogging On The Road

Writer's Block?

What’s your No. 1 productivity killer? The most common answers involve distractions: email, Facebook, Twitter, instant messages, and anything else you can compulsively check throughout the day. It’s so easy to watch your Twittery timeline fly by while your to-do list stays full. But for me, and for many fellow bloggers, there is a demon […]

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How to Overcome (And Even Harness) Uncertainty

Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance

Uncertainty, is the silent killer of dreams and good intentions. Uncertainty will stop you from taking action and turn you against yourself. Uncertainty will make you think that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, you’re too young or even worse. Since everyone faces uncertainty, understanding how to tackle this fear is vital to your long […]

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Core Content Defined and Examined

Rock hard abs

Many blogs fail because they lack content that is both unique and/or difficult to reproduce. While other bloggers have touched on this subject and have come up with several different names for this kind of content, we here at Art of Blog have taken to calling it “Core Content.” This guide will examine Core Content and […]

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What Readers Want: A Guide to Converting Readers With Short Attention Spans


Keeping the attention of a reader is important, especially if the reader is expected to convert.  There are four critical elements to getting and holding attention with copy: usefulness, conciseness, urgency, and a promise kept.  Usefulness: What Does a Reader Want? People do not tend to read texts or watch videos without a reason.  You […]

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Commitments with Copywriting


Getting readers to commit to some course of action, typically a conversion, is not as difficult a process as it sounds if you are familiar with a few basic psychological principles.  The main principle is actually something that everyone is familiar with: commitment.  Copywriters need to be intimately acquainted with the techniques to induce commitments […]

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Reciprocity and Copy

One nice gift

Human beings are certainly advanced animals by any measure, but there are some surprisingly psychological flaws that are exploited every single day by compliance experts.  Any good copywriter should be a compliance expert, and thus it only makes sense for copywriters to learn how to leverage a few basic psychological principles in their copy.  What […]

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Boost Your Newsletter Conversion Rate in 5 Easy Steps


For those of you looking to boost your newsletter conversion rates, we have come up with five steps to follow to keep you on the straight and narrow:

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Ten Dollar Words for Copywriters

10 Dollars

Ten dollar words can be copy killers, or they can make a piece work.  The trick is to know which ten dollar words are worth adding to which texts, and where to put them.  If you are not already well acquainted with ten dollar words, then let’s start with a primer.

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Why: Another Short Power Word

Why why why?

We have already tackled the reason the word ‘because’ is a power word for affiliate marketers, but here’s a twist on that word: why?  Why is the question that often causes the word because to be placed into sentences, but it is deeper than that.  Why is one of the first words we learn, just […]

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